Monmouth Cambrian Archaelogical Association congress excursions - 1857

Illustrated Usk Observer and Raglan Herald — 15 August 1857


-The 11 the annual congress of this Association is fixed to take place at Monmouth, on Monday next (the 17), and five following days, and the annexed excursions are proposed

:-Monday, Aug 17th, starting from Monmouth at 12 o'clock—to Doward Camp, Goodrich Castle and Church; return to Monmouth - remains of the Castle and Priory.

- Tuesday, August 18th, starting from Mon- mouth at 9 o'clock—Troy House, carved oak mantle pieces, &c.; Trelleck, Druidical Stones, tumulus and Church, Tintern Abbey, &c. Intrenchment at Bigswear; return to Monmouth by 5. 15.

- Wednesday, August 19, starting from Monmouth at 9 o'clock- Stanton Church the Buckstone, (a rocking stone) Maenhire the Scowles Roman mines, hermitage at Stow Grange, incised stones, and earthworks St. Briavel's Castle and Church Newland Church; return to Monmouth by 4 o'clock.

- Thursday, August 20th, starting from Monmouth at 9 o'clock—Treowen House, tumulus Dingestow Castle; Tregaer church Bryngwyn tumulus Raglan Church and Castle; reception by the Caerleon Antiquarian Association; return to Monmouth in the evening, taking Mitchel Troy Church on the way; tea and Conversazione at the Beaufort Arms Hotel.

- Friday, August 21st, starting from Monmouth at 9 o'clock—Pembridge Castle Grosmont Church and Castle; Skenfrith Church and Castle; New Castle return to Monmouth by 4 o'clock p.m.

- Saturday, August 22nd, starting from Monmouth at 9 o'clock—Quakers' Cemetery at the Pant, established in 1664, and curious epitaph Penrose Entrenchment; Llantillio Crossenny Church, White Castle; return to Monmouth by 3 o'clock.

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