10 years of Digital presence

Summary: Since 2007, Raglan and District Local History Group (RLHG) has had a digital presence (note: the internet moves very fast and new ways of spreading our work need to keep up.

2007-08, our first website was established at rootsweb.ancestry. com. The website had 2 purposes: To advertise upcoming RLHG events and to provide information about the history of Raglan District

2008 – RLHG officially supports the website and includes the domain name on the programme and in promotional literature

2009 – The website was formally approved by RLHG committee. It included RLHG information and resources along with Raglan Local History (info about history of raglan, photo albums and blogs (short stories about Raglan Village)

2011 – Raglan History Group Domain established. To raise awareness and accessibility for Raglan Local History Group , an domain was established specifically for RLHG.

2011 – Raglan Domesday wiki for Raglan district was approved. In the last r years (from 2100 to November 2015, this wiki has had over 21,000 visits and a total of 85,377 page views

2012 2013: RAGLAN ROOTS projects 2012 - 2013 . We obtained Heritage Lottery Fund’s as well as Raglan Roots, sense of Roots EU Fund. to pay for ‘All our stories’. The Raglanpedia website was established (and approved by RLHG) as part of this project. In addition, village and churchyard QR digital tours were linked to Raglanpedia.

2013: Facebook: Raglan District Roots opened (https://www.facebook.com/groups/280246368764128/ ). As of November 2015 there are 287 members. Note that this facebook group is linked to RaglanPedia and Raglan Domesday websites.

2015: We currently sponsor three websites: Raglan Local History group, Raglan Domesday Wiki, Raglanpedia. Each has a unique purpose. We also have presence in facebook (raglan district roots) and twitter (https://twitter.com/raglanhistory) has 41 followers including Gwent Archives, Monmouth Museums, Federation of Family History Societies, Wales Remembers, Nelson Museum, Raglan Castle and Raglan Primary School. The Raglan Domesday wiki has been visited by 22,000 people since it began with over 85,000 page views. We don’t have data on the impact of the others. The Facebook page currently has 279 members and is growing everyday.

Life has changed over the last 10 years and so have we. We have grown with the internet.

Cheryl L Morgan

Rev. 6, NOV 2015

C Morgan 2014