Activities, Winter Lecture programme and Tea Party 2015-2016

Raglan Local History Group Exhibition, Sept, 2015 

NOTE: Winter Lectures are held in the Lady Chapel, St Cadoc's Church, Raglan.


7.30pm - 24th September 2015 – Sarah Clay - 'Pontypool Japanware'

Pontypool japan is a name given to the process of japanning with the use of an oil varnish and heat which is credited to Thomas Allgood of Pontypool.  In the late 17th century, during his search for a corrosion-resistant coating for iron, he developed a recipe that included asphaltum, linseed oil and burnt umber.   Once applied to metal and heated the coating turned black and was extremely tough and durable.  The iron used was produced by the furnaces of Blaenavon and most of the 'Pontypool ware' was produced in Usk or Newport.


7.00pm - 22nd October – Richard Frame - 'The secret army in Monmouthshire during WW2'

Richard Frame is a well-known Newport historian and an active member of The Chartist Anniversary Committee and regularly gives fascinating talks, not only on the Secret Army, but on St Woollos Cemetry, John Frost and the prehistoric monuments of Gwent.  Our AGM follows Richard's talk.

7.30pm - 26th November – Bryan Davies 'Battle of Agincourt'

The Battle of Agincourt was a major English victory in The Hundred Years' War.  Bryan will give an interesting and lively talk with a slide show on the history of the battle.

7.30pm - 28th January 2016 – Alex Gibbon - 'The Mystery of Jack of Kent and the Fate of Owain Glyndwr'

Owain Glyndwr's story is powerful, spectacular and romantic and Alex combines history with folklore as he scrutinizes a connection traditionally said to have existed between the outlawed Glyndwr and a legendary character of the Welsh borders – 'Jack of Kent'.  In the fascinating scenario which unfolds, not only do we meet Glyndwr as never before, but we come finally to stand where Owain may have lain in silence for almost six hundred years.

7.30pm - 25th February – Tim Ryan – 'Severn Princess Restoration Group'

The first phase of restoration work has started on the derelict and historic Severrn Princess car ferry, the last remaining of a fleet of three ferries that provided a vital link across the Severn Estuary from 1931 until the opening of the Severn Bridge in 1966.  Once restored it is hoped that the Severn Princess will become a major feature on the Welsh Coastal path and form a permanent heritage attraction and reminder of Chepstow's history and importance to the economic growth of South Wales.

3pm - Saturday 16th April – Annual Tea Party – Steve Clarke

Eminent archaeologist Steve Clarke will be talking on the recent staggering archaeological discoveries found in Monmouthshire.  A fortified farmhouse, known as a 'crannog', built 4,900 years ago has been discovered together with other artefacts.  Crannogs were in prosperous developments reserved for the grandest of the grand – the crannog at Llangorse Lake might have belonged to a Dark Ages king.  These finds will shed a vast amount of light on the last stage of the Stone Age and Steve will enlighten us with his lively and interesting talk and slide show.

We meet in the Beaufort Chapel at St Cadoc's Church – a lovely venue and Non-members are welcome at £3 per talk.  Annual membership is £12.

Please phone Jenny Thomas (secretary) on 01600 716725 with any enquiries.

Summer Outings 2016

NOTE:  we are looking for a new coordinator for summer outings


Please contact our secretary, Jenny Thomas for updates on the programme: Jenny Thomas. tel: 01600 716 725 or email: jenny.thomas15@yahoo.co. 

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