Raglan and District Local History Group

Raglan and District Local History Group was established in 1955

The first lecture of the Raglan Local History Group was entitled, "The Traveller of Taste in 18th Century Monmouthshire” This lecture was delivered at the Raglan Jeffrey's Hall in September 1955

Constitution of Raglan & District Local History Group

  1. The Name of the Group shall be The Raglan & District Local History Group.
  2. The Objects of the Group shall be to encourage the study of local history in the area and further research into the subject.
  3. These Objects shall be pursued by means of meetings, lectures, visits to historical sites, publicaion of articles, exchange of information and to organise activities to encourage the aims of the group.
  4. Membership shall be open to anyone interested in the aims of the Society.
  5. Subscriptions shall be due annually, by 1st November, at a rate agreed by the Annual general Meeting. Notification of events will be sent for the ensuing six months, after which unpaid subscriptions will be deemed to have lapsed. Membership lists shall be updated periodically.
  6. Management:

    • The management and control of the Group's affairs shall be vested in a Committee of nine paid-up members to be elected at the Annual general Meeting. The Officers of the Group are as follows: Life President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, also elected at the Annual general Meeting. The Committee will consist of the five officers and six other members
    • The Committee shall be empowered to co-opt additional members for general or specific purposes for not more than one year
    • The Committee members and Officers shall sit for a maximum term of three consecutive years, unless specifically extended by the majority decision of the Committee, and agreed by the Annual general Meeting. Nominations to be proposed, seconded and received in writing not less than one week before the Annual General Meeting
    • The Committee will meet twice a year and at any other time as necessary to conduct the business of the Group
  7. The Group will meet five times in the winter for monthly lectures and five times in the summer for outings and visits. The winter starts with the Annual general Meeting in October and finishes in April with the exception of December. The summer programme begins in May and continues until September with the exception of August.
  8. An Annual general Meeting shall be held in October of each year, to receive the Committee's reports, accounts, and proposals, and to elect a Committee for the ensuring year. Notification of such meetings shall be sent to every paid-up member at least fourteen days beforehand.
  9. In the event of the Group ceasing to exist, the disposal of such funds as it possesses will be passed to an equivalent group within the area or a suitable charity.
  10. No income or property owned by the Group may be distributed to members of the Group during its lifetime
  11. The Constitution of the Group may only be amended at the Annual General Meeting provided that a six week notice of the amendments has been circulated to the members of the Group or at the calling of an Extraordinary Meeting of the Group by no less than ten members.

Written February 2005
Adopted, October 2005

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