Horatia Durant Local History Prize

The Horatia Durant Memorial Prize was established in 1984 in memory of the Raglan Local History Group's first President. The 'Prize' is awarded annually to the winner of an essay competition on a subject of local history. The competition is open to children attending Raglan Junior School.

Local History Essay’s have always been an important part of RLHG. When the RLHG was established in 1955, all RLHG members were expected to undertake local history projects. In 1984, the Raglan School Essay Contests were established in memory of our founder, Horatia Duran. The School Essay’s have traditionally been a summer term project. The topics are agreed between Anna Tribe, the Chair and the Headteacher. Most years the essay’s have been written by year 6 students. Of course as an out of school activity, parents often ‘help’ the students. The essay’s are reviewed by Anna Tribe along with the Chair and typically with a RLHG member with experience in education. The winners are selected based on the quality of their research, accuracy, creativity, and presentation of results

Date: 1984 - present

Read the winning Essays: http://www.raglanpedia.org.uk/wiki/Horatia_Durant_Essays

Horatia Durant History Contest winners, 2005

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