Welcome to the Raglan Ministry Area          

Vicar - The Revd Canon Tim Clement     

Associate Priest - The Revd Sheila Toms 




Sunday 26th June 2016 

8:30am   Holy Communion - KEMEYS  (Canon Tim)

9:30am   Holy Communion - LLANDENNY  (Revd Sheila)

10:00am   Holy Communion -  BETTWS (Canon Tim)

11:00am   Holy Communion -  RAGLAN   (Revd Sheila)

 10:00am  Communion by extension BRYNGWYN - ST PETER  (Ruth Sweet)   

Sunday 3rd July 2016 

8.30am   Holy Communion - RAGLAN - (Revd Sheila)

8.30am  Holy Communion - GOBION - (Canon Tim)

9:30am  Morning Service - LLANDENNY  - Parish Led with Paul Morcombe

10:00am Holy Communion - TROSTREY - (Revd Sheila)

11:00am - JAM - RAGLAN - A service for all the Church Family  (Lea Ryder)

3:00pm  Holy Communion  - BRYNGWYN  (Canon Tim) 

Sunday 10th July 2016

8:30am   Communion by extension - BETTWS  (Revd Sheila / Lea Ryder)

10:00am   Morning Service -  BRYNGWYN  (Hywel Griffiths)

9:30am   Holy Communion - LLANDENNY  (Canon Tim)

10:00am   Holy Communion - KEMEYS  (Revd Sheila)

 11:00am – Holy Communion - RAGLAN  (Canon Tim)

Sunday 17th July 2016

8:30am Holy Communion - TROSTREY (Canon Tim)

 8.30am  Holy Communion - BRYNGWYN (Revd Sheila)

9:30am   Morning Service - LLANDENNY (Ruth Sweet)

10:00am   Holy Communion - GOBION   (Canon Tim)

11:00am Holy Communion - RAGLAN  (Revd Sheila  / Jenny Swattridge)